3 Ways Teens are accessing Prescription Drugs to Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is on the increase not only among adults but teenagers as well. For some reason, many people don’t see prescription drugs as narcotics, but they are. And they are just as dangerous as any other drug – legal or illegal. The fact that prescription drug abuse is high among adults should be no surprise that it is high among teenagers. Teenagers turn to prescription drug abuse for a number of reasons, anxiety, peer pressure, and personal reasons such as family or psychological issues. However, peer pressure is usually the biggest cause. Many teenagers suffer from low self-esteem, pressure around them because other teenagers are doing, and family issues such as divorce.

Household items

The most common kinds of prescription drugs are sedatives, painkillers, stimulants, and tranquilizers. Prescription drugs are easier for teenagers to get than illegal drugs. The reason being is that many households have some kind of medication in the cabinets. Children can get a hold of these drugs easier than they can get a hold of illegal drugs on the street. The other reason is since prescription drugs are in so many households these drugs are free unlike illegal drugs. The teenager doesn’t have to pay for the drugs they are readily available to them at no cost. These factors make it easy for teenagers to get access to prescription drugs to abuse.


Since teens are at school during the day, schools become a way for teens to get access to prescription drugs. The simple reason that there are teens gathered together in a school setting makes it easier for the children to gain free access to these drugs. Children will bring the prescription drugs from home to the school. Another way kids have access to drugs at school is through the nurses located at the school. If a child claims they are suffering from something and need a remedy to alleviate the pain, the school nurse will more than likely prescribe the prescription drug to the child. This is an easy way for children to abuse drugs. Without proper investigation, notice, and follow-up by the administration, children can take advantage of medical treatment at school.

On the streets

The sale of prescription drugs on the streets is a major problem. Not only are illegal drugs being sold on the streets but so are legal drugs. Through various avenues, people have gained accessed to prescription drugs and sell them on the street. Just like teenagers are exposed to illegal drugs being offered on the street, they are exposed to prescription drugs being offered to them when they are walking to and from school, home, and other places. Many prescription drugs have a generic brand or they are similar to over-the-counter drugs such as Ibuprofen or Aspirin which can be prescribed or bought over the counter. These drugs are often sold in high quantity on the street and offered to teenagers. Over-the-counter drugs are also sold in schools. If abused any drug, including over-the-counter drugs can become dangerous.